The Phils were down 3-0 pretty much all night until the start of the 7th when Pedro Feliz lead off with a solo home run. Next Chris Coste drove a ball off the left field wall for a double then Jayson Werth doubled to make it 1st and 2nd with no outs. So then of course the Phils waste that opportunity as Victorino, Bruntlett, and Utley strike out in that order. Bruntlett is this year’s Barajas. So in the 8th Howard leads off with a home run and it’s not 3-2 then Pat Burrell walks and is replaced by So Taguchi. Jenkins then singles and moves Taguchi to 3rd, who scores on a Feliz ground out, tie game. At this point I’m thinking “OK the Mets bullpen is gonna blow it like usual and we are gonna get the win”, nay. The game then drags on to the 12th inning after good pitching from Madson, Romero, Lidge, Seanez, and Gordon. But Gordon stays in for a second inning. He gets 2 quick outs and looks like he might make it through the inning with relative ease. Then Reyes comes up and hits a double to center field. Now I’m thinking “wonderful, Gordon is gonna choke” and in part I was right. Gordon next gives up a hard hit single up the middle to Asshole Pagan who suddenly thinks he knows how to play baseball (he WILL come back down to earth) and there is a close play at the plate. After watching the replay repeatedly in slow motion I am positive Coste blocked the plater and tagged Reyes before he was able to touch the plate. All in all the Mets got a hometown discount and got the call they wanted. But the Phils didn’t help themselves by going 0-12 with runners in scoring position so I have no sympathy. Now we have Myers who has sucked so far going against Carlos Zambrano who has been nothing but amazing so far. Tonight isn’t looking good at all, I’m not even doing a game preview cause I’m too angry from last night. It was hard enough writing this post. PHUCK THE METS!

“I had the plate blocked. I had the ball before he got there,” Coste said. “He hit my glove, then reached for the plate. I’m not going to get into it too much, because it’s simple. I tagged him before he touched the plate. Obviously, it’s not an easy call for the umpire.”

-Chris Coste


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