PHI: RHP Kyle Kendrick (1-0, 7.20 ERA) Kendrick started 2008 in the same manner that allowed him to survive ’07. He put runners on base, then made the right pitch at the right time to keep the damage to a minimum. This has become his standard. He won’t strike out many, but won’t lose composure, either, and that counts for a lot. He beat the Mets last season, allowing two runs in 6 2/3 innings.

NYM: RHP Mike Pelfrey (5-9, 5.55 ERA in 2007) Pelfrey will have gone 11 days without pitching, and that’s not recommended. He has opposed the Phillies once in his 18 big league starts, losing to them in Philadelphia on July 1 last year. He allowed two earned runs in five innings. Rollins hit a two-run homer against him.

yesterday was a great day, and hopefully we can continue that path of sexyness by rolling past the Mets for 10 straight. We have their number, we are in their heads, and there is nothing they can do about it. Crazk K (Kendrick) started this long win streak against the Mets last year at CBP and it is up to him to keep it going. Pelfrey, I think, is a scrub and will get lit up. But I can also see Kendrick getting lit up a lot so I predict a high scoring game somewhere in the 9-8 category, with the Phils coming out on top.


  1. Utley went 1 for 2 with a double bringing his average to .357
  2. Werth has taken to the platoon role and looks like he is pretty comfortable there
  3. Moyer had a solid outing going 6 IP giving up only 2 ER
  4. The bullpen was lights out for 4 innings thanks to to: Durbin, Romero, and Gordon.
  5. The Phils did not commit a single error


  1. Feliz continues to ground into double plays in important spots and not take enough pitches
  2. Hoawrd and Purrell went a combined 0 for 7 with 2 K’s
  3. Rollins injured his ankle but seems not to be too serious
  4. Utley was HBP 3 times and pegged by Delgado as if they were playing dodge ball
  5. They Rick Rolled Shea in the 8th as planned but announced they weren’t playing that song because of an internet prank…what internet prank!!!!! 0=)

About the Rick Roll thing, it actually worked. People said they played it at the stadium and it was on TV for a brief moment but all the youtube videos got closed. Here’s a release from

The organization received 5 million votes on its Web site after inviting fans to choose from among 10 selections to potentially replace Sweet Caroline. An issue arose, however, when readers bombarded the Mets with gag votes for a write-in candidate: Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. The Astley tune actually won. Rather than commit to that as the new eighth-inning tune since it probably doesn’t reflect the fan base’s wishes, the Mets will play the top six selections once apiece during the first six games of their home stand. The one that draws the largest crowd response will stick.

So we triumphed but it was to no avail because of dumb Mets fans with no humor, and no soul at that. So grab a beer and order some food and enjoy the anal rapage of the Mets tonight at 7pm ET.


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