I could not have asked for a better day. I live in Toms River, NJ which is inhabited by dirty Mets fans and naturally where I work there are numerous Mets fans. So at work I was checking play-by-play on my phone and constantly getting updates through AIM by KJerky (thank you again) since I don’t get the best cell phone reception at my job. During the 7th inning when we took the lead I stood up and announced the score for everyone to hear and heard collective sighs amongst the cubicles. It was pure euphoria. My boss is a Mets fan and I constantly mess with him, which probably isn’t a good idea considering my job status lays in his hands. Anyway long story short the Phils won 5-2 and it was glorious. The Mets hit Utley 4 times in this game and that pissed me off. If we had hit one of the Mets players 4 times, say Beltran, he would probably be in a wheel chair. The big hit in this game, for me, was Werth’s RBI single to take the lead that we would not surrender. Unfortunate news from this game is that Rollins suffered a high ankle sprain in the 8th inning. He is said to be day to day and could actually be in the line up tomorrow, if he feels OK. Here is what he had to say per Todd Zolecki:

“The ankle is fine,” he said. “I’m able to walk pretty much without a limp. It’s just when I did it I heard a nice little pop and it felt like somebody dropped a weight on my foot. I probably could have gone out there (to play shortstop in the eighth inning), but me at 50 percent and (Eric) Bruntlett at 100 percent, I’d rather have him out there.

“I don’t know what happened. I guess my cleat got stuck. I was more concerned about my knee popping than anything, but the ankle went. Ankle or the knee, I’d rather have the ankle any day. It feels fine right now. We’ll see how it feels over night, try to get off of it as much as I can. The way it feels right now I’ll be able to go, but we’ll see.”

So it doesn’t look as bad as it could have been. Rollins is a gamer and will certainly be out there if it is at all possible. It is impossible to say that the Mets are a better baseball team at this point, because how can you say a team that has lost 9 straight to another is better than that team? It doesn’t make any sense! So thus begins the most current sweep of the Mets and the first of 2008. I might live blog the game tomorrow night since I will be home and probably inebriated. GOOD DAY!


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One response to “I <3 THE METS BULLPEN, PHILS WIN 5-2

  1. Kjerky

    No problem, buddy. Can’t let a fan miss out on a mets/phils game.

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