ADAM EATON (10-10, 6.29 ERA IN 07′ VS. AARON HARANG (0-1 3.00 ERA)

After an excellent win last night the Phils go back against the Reds for game 2 of the series. The Reds ace Harang will be up against the polar opposite of an ace, Adam Eaton. Eaton struggled in spring at no surprise to any Phils fans. He is looking to get 08′ started off good and at least turn in a performance similar to Kendrick’s last night. I’d say another 4 run game by the Reds would give us another win. Harang’s career numbers against the Phils are not good. He is 1-1 with a 7.39 ERA and let’s hope that trend can continue. Something to watch for is to see if Howard can get his first homer of the year and put the Phils on top early. In this game I believe an early lead is the most important thing. Take the crowd out of the game and lock up the win. Brad Lidge is available today and that is great news, although I hope he doesn’t see action because I want a blow out. I’ll have a wrap-up of the game when it’s over. Good Day!


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