Let’s all hope they can fit some baseball in tonight because I have nothing else to do but watch this game…

UPDATE: Brad Lidge is in the clubhouse with the team and will eb activated before tomorrow’s game against the Reds. Lidge had this to say:

“Physically, I feel fine,” Lidge said. “Facing some major-league hitters will bump up my velocity a little bit more to where I like to be. So, yeah, I’ll definitely be ready to throw tomorrow.”

Chad Durbin and Tom Gordon won’t be available out of the pen today so looks like Romero or Madson are gonna close the game, which I am more then fine with. I’d hope Kendrick can go 6 innings then throw in Condrey, then Madson, then Romero to close it out. That’s how it would go down in a perfect world…It is still raining in Cincinnati and they are hoping they can fit the game in, but so far the tarp is still on and there is not much movement. That’s all for now check back later for a mid-game update if it’s played.

8:20 – They have now given the game a start time with 8:45 being when the first pitch is going to be thrown. So when the game starts I will start a new post and live blog the game, it should be an adventure…

8:35 – OK I just saw the most amazing thing on the 700 level. Since the Mets fans invade CBP every year, us Phils fans are now going to Rick Roll the entire city of New York. Go to this 700 level post and follow the instructions. Basically the Mets site lets fans vote on the 8th inning sing a long song for the final year at Shea. So please go check the “other” box and write in “Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley” and let’s Rick Roll those assholes in NY!

9:00 – Phils take a 1-0 lead on a sac fly by Howard after Rollins got on by a single and got to second when Utley walked, then third when Fogg threw it away on a pick off attempt. Shortly after Burrell UNLOADED a ball into the left field upper deck to take a 3-0 lead. Then Jenkins struck out… I’m watching on MLB.TV and have to listen to the Reds announcers and they seem terrified of the Phils. All they say is how good the hitters are, it’s hilarious. FEAR US!!!

9:20 – Well Kendrick gave up 3 H and 1 BB and gave up 1 run on a Griffey Jr. RBI single. He threw 31 pitches in the inning and he was leaving a lot of balls up. Let’s hope it was nerves and he buckles down from here…

9:25 – Very quick inning for Fogg as Feliz swings at the first pitch and flies out then Ruiz and Kendrick both ground out. Please let this half inning be less adventurous for Kendrick…

9:32 – 123 inning for Kendrick, very nice. I had some pizza earlier with peppers and now I have massive heartburn, it sucks. Time for the Phils to tack on some more runs, we might need em’

9:44 – Phils add 2 more runs after Rollins doubles then Utley homers. Seriously, I have a man-crush on Chase Utley. Seriously. Oh yea Jenkins struck out again to end the inning…

9:56 – Kendrick gives up another run on a Griffey Jr. RBI double, he’s starting to get pesky but I still love him. Feliz, Ruiz, Kendrick due up…

9:57 – OH MY GOD PEDRO FELIZ WALKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:05 – Phils plate another run on an RBI ground out by Rollins. Feliz walked and was the one that came around to score after Ruiz singled up the middle, then Kendrick bunted them over. So lets all thank Feliz for choosing this time to walk, this time will be one of probably 3 walks all season. So Phils up 6-3.

10:17 – Kendrick gave up another run. Ugh… Well he gave up 4 ER his first start against the Redes last year so I guess he is following suite. Phils need more offense I think cause Kendrick is over 70 pitches after 4 IP and our bullpen is thin tonight so it looks like Lahey will amke his Phils regular season debut…god help us all. Jeremy Affeldt in for Fogg now.

10:28 – Utley leads off with a home run, his 100th career home i might add, and my man-crush strengthens. Howard got robbed of a hit by Jeff Keppinger’s nice diving play then Burrell doubled to left. But after that Jenkins struck out AGAIN and Feliz grounded out. But none-the-less it’s 7-4 Phils.

10:36 – Kendrick gets a quick 123 inning, only his second one of those. He’s due up second in the inning, i hope Charlie leaves him in to at least attempt the 6th inning. We have a 3 run lead we don’t need to pinch hit for Kendrick. My heartburn is back again. I NEED TUMS.

10:44 – Phils go down 123 but Kendrick batted so he is staying in for the 6th. This pleases me…

10:49 – Kendrick gives up a lead off walk and is pulled. So that was pointless. Madson comes in now hopefully for his first of two 123 innings…

11:05 – Well Madson throws a 32 pitch wild scoreless inning. I have no idea who the Phils are putting in for the 7th, I assume Lahey and then maybe Seanez in the 8th. All I know is we now need even more runs to make me feel safe about this game. Victorino, Utley, Howard due up.

11:12 – Phils go down 123. Vic strikes out, Utley grounds out, and Howard, yep you guessed it…K! Big Man needs to get it going. I need to see a homer from him very soon. This game is progressing nicely though and now Madson is still in, surprisingly, so lets hope he holds this lead…

11:18 – Madson has a quick 123 and we head to the 8th with Burrell, Jenkins, Feliz due up…

11:25 – Feliz singles on a 3-0 count because he really can’t stand walking to first. But Burrell flew out and Jenkins grounded out before that and Ruiz grounded out after Feliz singled. So on to the 8th…Seanez is in and Taguchi replaces Burrell in left.

11:34 – Seanez looks great with a 123 inning. He is going to be this year’s Romero. Even at 39 he is looking great. So onto the 9th looks liek the Phils might have this in the bag…but you never know.

11:45 – Phils score an important insurance run to make it 8-4 now. Taguchi lead off with a double and then Rollins grounded out to first to move Taguchi to third. Next Victorino singled to center to score Taguchi. After that Utley grounded out and of course Howard struck out. On to the 9th and I’m sure Romero will be in. The long night is almost over!

11:53 – Game over Phils win! Great game by the bullpen and we got what we have come to expect from Kendrick, he kept us in the game through 5 innings. More on this game tomorrow. Good night.



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