Of the two rumored names that the Phils might trade for before Monday, which one would be a better fit? Both Mike Stanton and Steve Kline have been rumored to be moving to Philly. But it is now being said that the trade for Kline has fallen through, but I’m still not ruling him out yet. So Let’s take a look at the two left relievers…


Kline almost signed with the Phillies last off-season but ultimately decided to go to San Francisco because they were offering him a 2 year contract, whereas Gillick was offering 1 year. Last year Kline went 1-2 in 68 games, 46 IP, with a 4.70 ERA. He keeps the ball down mostly and has a heavy sinker, which is great for CBP. He also uses his hard slider as an out pitch. So far this spring Kline has a 6.30 ERA giving up 7 runs in 10 IP. I’m not sure whether or not he would be an upgrade over Blackley, who signed a minor league deal and went to AAA Lehigh Valley today. They say the deal for him fell through but that could change as opening day draws nearer and the rosters must be finalized.


Stanton never quite lived up to his potential or his hype he had while back in Atlanta in this early 90’s. His fastball tops out at around 91 MPH and his only other pitch is a sweeping curve. Scout’s have said he has closer stuff but not closer command. Last year he went 1-3 in 69 games with a 5.93 ERA and a pretty bad .315 BAA and 1.60 WHIP. So far this spring his ERA is a respectable 4.50 in 6 IP with only 2 walks and 1 strikeout. He may not be as bad as he was last year but I still don’t see him as a significant upgrade.

Brian Fuentes was also rumored to be available but honestly I am not taking that seriously considering he will fetch a high price and we would have to out bid the Yankees for him, who are rumored as interested. So between the two it is a toss up on who I’d pick. It seems to me like a situation where you just have to pick your poison…



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2 responses to “PICK YOUR POISON

  1. Fred

    Based on your blog, I would say Kline with the sinking fb…but, I voted for Stanton in PSD…something tells me he is the right choice…

  2. Kline is on the decline (ha, that rhymed), but he’s still better than Stanton.

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