Manuel is pissed. He is obviously upset over the Phils dropping their 11th spring training game yesterday 9-1. I really like this emotion from Charlie and so does We Should Be GMs. He hung a sign outside his office that reads “It’s not like a lightbulb, you can’t turn it on and off” and that couldn’t be more true. Like I said previously I know the games don’t count, they really don’t, but it’s nice to see a W every now and then. Especially looking at the other NL East teams and seeing them at the top of the Grapefruit League standings. I don’t like the Mets and Braves doing better then the Phils at ANYTHING. I don’t care if it’s who makes a better bologna sandwich, I expect the Phils to make the best one and for Moises Alou to pee on his. The Phils last loss yesterday to the Braves lit a fire under old Cholly and he said this:

“It’s good to be relaxed and loose, but it’s about time for us to talk,” said Manuel, who prides himself on knowing when the conduct outbursts. “We have some guys that are too cool, and there’s a fine line between being relaxed and being complacent. We have something happening here, but it’s nothing we can’t take care of.”

and it only got more brutal from there.

“Different individuals will look at things in different ways,” Manuel said. “Some of them like their position and take it for granted if they’re a regular player that somebody can’t beat them out. That’s not the right attitude to take. It might be time for us to have a little chat, maybe in the next couple of days.”

So who exactly is he calling out? Utley with his .200 BA or Rollins with his .156 BA? Whoever it is Manuel is comin to git ya.


Lidge threw live batting practice yesterday. Pete Laforest was only able to make contact on a jam shot thrown so hard that when the swing was over only the handle of the bat remained. After throwing 35 pitches to Laforest, Olmedo, and Watson he had this to say:

“It was good to face hitters,” Lidge said. “Most of my stuff felt pretty good. Mechanically, I’m not totally happy, but that should come soon. The way the ball is coming out of my hand, my arm feels really good. I should be able to catch up real fast.”

His next step will be batting practice again on Monday and then either Wednesday or Thursday he could see a minor league game or maybe even some action in the Grapefruit league. I have been so hyped on Lidge coming to Philly. I really think he is going to do amazing here and turn his whole career around. I remember last year around the time the Astros were in Philly and there were rumors everywhere of the Phils getting Lidge and I was really excited about it. Now that that has all come to fruition I couldn’t be more excited to see how Lidge does here. Best case scenario he comes out of the gate strong stringing together at least 15 saves in a row and feels good, ending the season with 40 saves in 43 opportunities. Worst case is he blows a couple saves early and the fans get on him and boo him out of town forever messing up his psyche, never to play baseball again…let’s hope for the first scenario.

The Phils are in Grapefruit League action today at 1:05pm against the Twins. Adam Eaton is getting the start and will be followed by J.D. Durbin, J.C. Romero, Tom Gordon, and Fabio Castro. After we see how Eaton and Durbin do I might be able to update my take on the race for the 5th starter. I’ll be on later to give a wrap-up of the game at around 5pm.

UPDATE: In todays Philadelphia Inquirer they did 10 questions with Chris Coste from fans. Fans e-mailed their questions and they picked the best 10 questions. My question made the cut so check it out.

Q: Were you aware that in your first video game – MLB ’07: The Show – they gave you gray hair? But if it makes you feel any better, your stats were awesome. What do you think about that? – Chris J., Toms River, N.J.

A: Unfortunately, I’m not a big video-game guy, but I was always excited to see myself on a game like that. I’ve got to go check that out. I just want to see if they put all of my teeth in there. That’s what I want to see. … Right next to my front two teeth, I’m missing a tooth. Hockey. Old hockey accident.


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  1. Fred

    I will not expect a win today with the lame pitching “duo” of Eaton/Durbin going…

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