Well Rosario cruised through the first inning giving up a lead off walk, then getting a double play, and finally getting Frenchy to fly out. The second inning was a different story. He hit 2 batters, gave up a 2 run single, walked a batter, and finally gave up a grand slam to Yunel Escobar. So that’s 6 ER in one inning, not pretty.I think deep inside we all knew this Cinderella story wouldn’t last anyway, us Phillies just aren’t that lucky. So here is Rosario and every other pitchers lines from today and their current ERA:

                           IP             H              BB             R             ER             SO             ERA

Rosario            2               2                4                6               6                0               5.91

Youman           1               3                2                3               3                0               8.22

Ennis                 2               2                0               0               0                4               9.00

Condrey            1               2                0               0               0                0               4.32

Carrasco           3               2                0               0               0                2               6.23

So at least Carrasco rebounded nicely from his last bad outing and Ennis looked pretty good. Phillies bats were almost completely silent except a double here and there, one from Coste, Rollins, and Snelling. Dobbs also hit his second homer of the spring and that accounted for the Phils only run. I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. I mean we all kind of knew our pitching isn’t that great, but isn’t our hitting supposed to be top notch? Aside from Howard and Ruiz, the Phils offense has yet to show up. I’m hoping this doesn’t carry into the season. Which brings me to my next point. The Phillies started camp going 4-10. Maybe they got the slow start out of their collective systems early this year, you know, when it DOESN’T COUNT!!! Now they are going to come out of the gate strong and not play catch up all year long. Yes, that is what’s happening. Either that or I finally commit ritual suicide wearing my Utley jersey while choking out my Ryan Howard bobble head.





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