Cole Hamels is suffering from the flu. He had to miss his scheduled spot on wednesday  because the flu had him bed ridden.  So instead he pitched yesterday in a minor league game. He threw 64 pitches, one field away from Kris Benson doing the same,  and did pretty well.  He worked 5 innings allowing 1 ER on 2 hits and a walk with 6 strikeouts. They say that Hamels will be fine for his next start scheduled for March 18th. A funny story from this game is Shane Victorino started against Hamels because he wanted to work on his stroke from the right side. Vic immediately went yard off Hollywood, OK just kidding. The first at bat he flew out to left and the next at bat he walked on 4 pitches. Here’s what the two had to say:

“It was fun,” Victorino said. “I intimidated him in my second at-bat.”

Hamels saw it a slightly different way.

“The first at-bat, I got him to chase a changeup in the dirt, then he hit an inside fastball for an out,” Hamels said. “Then I walked him on four straight pitches in his next at-bat. He got in my head.”

In other news it is now being reported that in an interview yesterday Pat Gillick hinted that the Phils are shopping a middle infielder, with a  good spring BA, to other teams for a lefty reliever. Now I said yesterday that Casey Smith should be packaged with Helms and shipped. But maybe Smith’s spring performance alone can net us a good reliever but I doubt it. PG could also be talking about Bruntlett but i also doubt that. Bruntlett has surprised Manuel with his bat and his versatility, playing every position shy of pitcher and catcher. If we dealt him we wouldn’t have any legitimate back up to play for Rollins or Utley were something to happen (knock on wood). I’m sure we will hear more on this in the up coming days.

Next, today on they had scouts assemble a baseball dream team, so to speak. They picked the best players at every position in all of baseball. Of course Utley was selected at 2B, no surprise there, and Rollins was selected at SS. Carlos Beltran was selected at CF and that’s a load of crap. Obviously Michael Bourn deserves that honor. Kidding aside, good for Utley and Rollins but as far as Beltran, he can get down on his two broken shriveled knees and service grandpa Moises Alou while he pisses on his hands…



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  1. RayZab

    I completely agree with you on Carlos Beltran. Yea sure he’s averaging 3o hr and 102 rbi a season since joining the Mets, but he hasn’t really lived up to expectations, and his batting average has been a mere .273. I’m surprised Ichiro wasn’t considered for this spot. Ichiro hit .351 last year and is such a key part of a somewhat weak Mariners offense. I think if you are putting together a team where you want your centerfielder to produce runs and not help the team in many other ways, Beltran is certainly a good option then. But if your looking for someone that can contribute to a team in multiple ways, Ichiro is your guy. He gets on base, bats in runs when he needs to, and is one of the best defensive CFs in the league with the likes of Andruw Jones and Torii Hunter.

  2. phillieslongdrive

    Completely agree with you. I thought Ichiro was a lock for that spot.

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